Factory resetting any Android device causes it to return to factory defaults for every setting and every preference, as well as getting rid of all data from its internal storage. Basically, resetting an Android device to factory defaults returns it to the condition it was in when it came out of the box, at least as far as its software and operating system are concerned.The instructions for factory resetting an Android device differ from device to device, and the following are the two methods that can be used to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N910):

Method 1: Factory reset the device from the settings menu

Factory resetting the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using its operating system, a procedure known as soft reset, is the simplest way to reset the device to factory defaults. Factory resetting any device erases any data stored in the devices internal memory, so a person should make sure to back up the devices internal memory before attempting a reset.

  1. Go to Applications .
  2. Open Settings .
  3. Scroll down to the User & Backup

  4. Click on Backup and Restart .
  5. Customize the reset functions, such as automatic restore and data backup.
  6. Press Factory data reset .
  7. Tap on Reset the device .
  8. In case a screen lock is active, enter the PIN, pattern or password.
  9. Tap on Continue .
  10. Finally, tap on Clear all and then wait for the device to reboot.

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Method 2: Factory reset the device via Android system recovery


The other method that can be used to reset Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is called “hard reset” and involves using the Android system recovery menu. A “hard reset” should be used when the devices operating system is unresponsive or the user wants a complete factory reset of the device.

  1. Back up all data stored in the devices internal memory.
  2. Turn off the device.
  3. Press and hold the Power , Volume Up and Home hardware buttons simultaneously.
  4. Release the Power button as soon as the device vibrates.
  5. Release the other two keys when the Android system recovery screen appears.
  6. Use the volume rocker to navigate and highlight the erase data.